Statement of Welcome

Churches haven't always been clear about who is welcome or what parts of each person's story, beliefs, identity and relationships are welcome among us.  To help communicate what we mean by "welcome" at Mount Olivet, and why we feel that way, we have worked together to create and agree on this "statement of welcome":

Welcome to Mount Olivet Lutheran Church! Our church doors are open to all.

Mount Olivet Lutheran Church is a member church of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada. We have committed ourselves to offering openness, understanding, justice and healing to God’s creation. We are a community of faith rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We value diversity, openness, and honest quest of meaning. We welcome people from all walks of life whether they are single, married, divorced, separated, partnered, gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender. We respect all human beings regardless of their citizenship, cultural heritage, cultural or sexual orientation, or gender because we are created in the image of God. 

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All are welcome to join us to experience the radical love of Jesus and to face the unknown journey of life. We are committed to being a welcoming community of faith ever marvelling at the wondrous love of God as seen at the foot of the cross. Therefore, in faithfulness to the Gospel, in reflection of our Lutheran heritage, and in honour of our shared baptismal covenant, we promise to seek ways to enter into shared ministry with all who would seek God here. Based on our understanding of Lutheran theology and the Bible, we wish to extend Christian fellowship to everyone. All are welcome here.